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KNSM Jo Coenens' Masterplan for KNSM-island- provided big buildings, referring to the harbour scale. The buildings which accord to one block are among others the 'Piraeus' from Hans Kollhoff and Christian Rapp and the 'SkyDome' from Wiel Arets. At KNSM one can still find traces of the old harbour history. Apart from houses for retired captains and former administration buildings of the shipping companies also a passengers-terminal dating from the sixties is still to be seen. Additional to the predominating housing small galleries, shops, cafés and boot-workshops can be found on the restructured island.

JAVA-EILAND On the eastern part of the island a different strategy has been followed. The old houses were entirely torn down, after which an urban and small scale housing district - based on an urban design by Sjoerd Soeters - was built. The big housing blocks with intimate yards are structured by small canals referring to the flair of the historic Amsterdam city centre. The buildings designed by different architects are repeated in each of the urban blocks, in varying positions. The housing project of the Swiss architects Diener and Diener links Java and KNSM within the urban plan. The Jan Schaefer bridge from Venhoeven CS connects Java island to the city centre.

BORNEO-SPORENBURG For the two peninsulas Borneo and Sporenburg West 8 made a striped, three layered housing proposal, which reminds of long warehouses. The narrow housing types are conceived as introverted patio's. All private outside spaces as well as parking places are to be found within the plot. All involved architects interpreted these rules differently. On Borneo the 'Architects-houses' show an even wider range. This 'sea of houses' is relaxed by big city blocks such as 'the Whale' as most prominent example. Red, waving bridges connect the two islands.

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Literature tip: "Eastern Harbour District - Urbanism and Architecture", NAI 2003

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