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IBA HAMBURG - INTERNATIONAL BUILDING EXHIBITION 2013 Only 10 minutes away from Hamburg´s city centre, but on a much bigger mental distance, the neighbourhoods Wilhelmsburg and Veddel are located on the Elbe island. Situated between harbour and industrial sites, cut through by major traffic axis, flood-prone, with a multicultural population, the district offers a number of challenges and opportunities for urban development.

Even three topics at once the IBA team specified in order to explore and elaborate possible approaches and solutions within this City Lab : 1 Cosmopolis - opportunities of a multicultural society/ neighbourhood 2. Metro zones - explores the possibilities to use inner city fringes and peripheries for livable neighbourhoods 3. city and climate change - searches for new ways of sustainable and ecological growth of cities.

More than 60 projects have been realised until 2013: Educational facilities such as the educational centre "Gateway to the World", experimental and flexible live-work concepts, the use of innovative building materials (wood and hybrid constructions) and different energy concepts using renewable energies up to climate neutral building, partly with the active participation of the residents. Examples among others are the "Woodcube", the microalgae house - a house with a bioreactor facade -, the "World Neighbourhood", the "World Small Business Park" and the "House of Projects".

After seven years of research and work, the presentation year with events, workshops, conferences, lectures, discussions including the contribution of international and local planners, specialists and architects, the objectives of the IBA will be followed up and the development of the area will continue. There are plans to build 5000 new dwellings in Wilhelmsburg and the surrounding districts, whereas the site of the IGS ( international garden show) is to become a central park of the area.

Topics: urban renewal, conversion, multi-story residential building, refurbishment and renovation, timber construction, prefabrication, case study houses, innovative construction materials, cost-effective inner city building, self sufficient building supply, passive house, CO2 reducing mobility, renewable energies, decentral / local energy supply, "Bildungsoffensive" improvement of education, educational institutions, citizens' participation.

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